Travelling & Staying

The conference is being held in Brighton (the official name of the city is ‘Brighton & Hove’). The city is on the south coast of England, just an hour by train south of London.


Brighton’s closest international airport is London Gatwick. You can easily travel from the airport to the centre of Brighton by train, bus, or taxi.


This is the easiest and quickest option. Gatwick has 2 terminals, North and South. The Gatwick train station is at the South Terminal.

Trains from Gatwick to Brighton are frequent, and there is a special ‘Gatwick Express’ train which skips most stations on the way to Brighton (around 30 mins).

You can find more information about train travel from Gatwick at

You can check train times and buy tickets at If you use the Trainline app on your phone, you’ll get an e-ticket that looks like a QR code. You can scan this on the box attached to entry barriers.


This usually takes a little longer than the train (around 45 minutes). However it is cheaper and very comfortable. You should take the National Express bus to Brighton, which you can find at either the North or South terminals.

You can find out more about bus travel to Brighton at

You can book bus tickets at


You can get a taxi from Gatwick to Brighton from either the North or South terminal. It will take around 45 minutes and can be expensive (over £50).

You can see details about airport taxis at


As with many cities, Airbnb is widely available but contributes to Brighton’s housing becoming more and more unaffordable for average residents. We encourage conference delegates to stay at hotels or B&Bs if possible. is a popular website for finding a place to stay.

Here are some of the city’s cheaper hotels:

This is slightly outside of the city centre, but easily accessible by bus. ~25 mins from the conference venue on foot.

This is a popular LGBTQ bar with a hotel above it. ~10 mins from the conference venue on foot.

This hotel is right beside the train station. ~10 mins from the conference venue on foot.

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